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Only Bones Project

Only Bones Project is a minimalist physical theatre and sparse-video performance project. Using uniform and restrictive parameters solo performers create their own unique live shows with a similar aesthetic. With guidelines of "only one light, no narrative, no set, no props, no text, and all within a limited amount of space", artists are then left much to their own devices to create their own world within a concept.

In parallel to the live performance, these same solo performers are invited to create video projects, placing their exemplary physicality into sparse environments, highlighting our human connection/disconnection to world. 


Only Bones v1.0 - Thom Monckton - VIDEO: OU

Only Bones v1.1 - Sampo Kurppa - VIDEO: RAVEL/UNRAVEL

Only Bones v1.2 Henna Kaikula - VIDEO: ERRR

Only Bones v1.3 Jenni Kallo

Only Bones v1.4 Trygve Wakenshaw

Only Bones v1.5 Danny Syme

Only Bones v1.6 Marina Cherry

Only Bones v1.7 Ela Bart (DNF)

Only Bones v1.8 Sakari Mänistö (DNS)

Only Bones v1.9 Matt Pasquet

Only Bones v1.10 Daniel Nodder

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