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Thom is mostly a creator of comical, non-verbal physical theatre. He is the co-artistic director of Kallo Collective, a Helsinki-based company that produces contemporary circus and physical theatre shows as well as NousNous Festival, an annual festival of physical comedy. 

Born in New Zealand, Thom trained in circus in Christchurch and physical theatre in Paris, and has been loosely based in Europe since 2006. His solo shows have toured internationally to around 20 different countries. 

Only Bones Project. 


Only Bones Project is an ongoing performance concept. Performers create minimalist solo work under restrictive parameters to produce original small-scale work. The project is split into video and live performance categories. 

Kallo Collective.


Thom has created a number of original non-verbal creations alone and alongside other members of Kallo Collective including Members of Our Limbs, Moving Stationery, Caterpillars, KWALK, Chameleon, Only Bones v1.0., and Pendulum. He has assisted in productions of Hiekkalaatikko, Receptionists, and Only Bones v1.3.


Circo Aereo.


Frequently collaborating with Sanna Silvenoinen from Circo Aereo to produce some crowd-pleasing comedies, solo performances The Pianist and The Artist have had great success at Edinburgh Fringe and across many countries.  

Stage Projects
Screen Projects


Coming up...

Only Bones v1.o - Lustenau, Austria
Only Bones v1.o - Norway Tour

Only Bones v1.0 - Taichung Arts Festival, Taiwan


All Done...
The Artist - Dunedin Arts Festival, New Zealand

The Artist - Wanaka Festival of Colour, New Zealand

The Artist - Wellington, New Zealand

The Artist - Auckland Arts Festival

Pendulum - Oulu, Finland


Only Bones v1.0 - Oulu , Finland

Only Bones v1.0 - Sweden Tour

Only Bones v1.0- Teatro Dimitri - Switzerland

The Artist - Wellington - New Zealand 

Only Bones v1.0 - Singapore - cancelled (covid-19)

Only Bones v1.0 -  Prague - cancelled (covid-19)

The Artist - Wellington - New Zealand - cancelled (covid-19)

The Artist - Frutillar - Chile - cancelled (covid-19)

Only Bones v1.0 - Norway Tour - postponed (covid-19)

Only Bones v1.0 - Lustenau - Austria - postponed (covid-19)

The Artist - Wellington - New Zealand -  postponed (covid-19)

The Artist - Adelaide - Australia

Pendulum - Odense - Denmark

Only Bones v1.0 - Salzburg - Austria

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