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This sack of bones stacked around 179cm high, came into existence around 1985 and for some reason decided that the accompanying DNAcid would be best put to work as a circus artist. 
You can most likely catch examples of the flesh vessel's work at Kallo Collective or with Circo Aereo. Check out some of the projects below, get in touch with any questions.  


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For information on The Artist in Australia or please contact artist@circoaereo.net

For information on The Artist in other countries please contact info@circoaereo.net

The Pianist by Thom Monckton and Circo Aereo is now performed by Courtenay Stevens and represented by  Encore Un Tour. For more info visit: www.encoreuntour.com

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Upcoming Performances


THE ARTIST TOUR Netherlands/Belgium

06 nov Veghel, Theater De Blauwe Kei
07 nov Geel, CC De Werft
09 nov Aalst, CC De Werf
10 nov Houthalen – Helchteren (B) CC Casino Houthalen
12 nov Waalwijk, Theater De Leest
14 nov Nieuwegein, Theater DE KOM
5 nov Drachten, Schouwburg De Lawei
16 nov Alkmaar, TAQA Theater De Vest
17 nov Dordrecht, Schouwburg Kunstmin
21 nov Tiel, Schouwburg Agnietenhof
22 nov Delft, Theater de Veste
23 nov Eindhoven, Parktheater
28 nov Leiden, Leidse Schouwburg
30 nov Meppel, Schouwburg Ogterop
1 dec Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht


An artist arrives in his studio, ready to prepare a new work of art. He waits for inspiration to strike him. When it eventually does, things don’t proceed quite as the distinguished artist would wish. For him, the everyday is filled with challenges until an eventual chaos is unavoidable. The Artist follows the success of Circo Aereo’s and Thomas Monckton’s previous collaboration, The Pianist, which has proven a smash hit with critics and audiences around the world. Since 2013, it has been performed nearly 300 times in Scandinavia, Canada, New Zealand, France, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Russia, USA… The Pianist was nominated for a Best Performance prize at Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2014. Like The Pianist, The Artist is co-designed by Sanna Silvennoinen, circus artist, choreographer and director of Circo Aereo, and Thomas Monckton, New Zealand-born, internationally acclaimed circus artist.

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